A Realtor You Can Trust

Lorraine Santirosa

We help our nation’s military and veterans
realize the American Dream of home ownership.

Testimonial: Boley Family Home Buying



Why Choose Us?

We help America’s military and veterans realize the dream of home ownership. Lorraine is different from other realtors because she spent 20 years as a military spouse, and experienced all of the pitfalls military families face during home buying.

She knows that the VA Home Loan product is THE MOST powerful home buying product on the market, but so many people have no idea – or they don’t have experience with it so they often don’t know how to assist military families looking to buy.

Lorraine is serious about military home ownership, and her track record shows that she understands how to build relationships and advocate for our military, and people like you who want to buy. 

  • Successfully petitioned the Veterans Administration to shorten the VA home loan appraisal report timeline
  • Served as a collegiate senator on student government;
  • Lobbied on the state and federal level for veteran housing;
  • Served on multiple boards for both veteran support and real state organizations;
  • Featured in Military Times
  • Featured in the National Association of Realtors MRP Certification



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If you buy a house with us and PCS we will pay one year of property management fees!