What is “MRM”? It’s the Military Realtor® Mentality — and it is unique to us!

Simply put – we are here to serve YOU, and we understand your lifestyle. This makes us uniquely positioned to negotiate your dream home using your VA benefits. Stop spending your hard earned money on RENT! Call Lorraine today.

Finding the perfect home, the right schools for your children, a new place of worship, employment for your spouse, closest place to shop, medical facilities and finding your way around are just a few of the things you have to handle during a military relocation.



At Agents for Veterans, we understand these challenges, because we have been in your shoes — it’s the reason we do this at all. We want you to have the best possible experience you can because this is what we know to be true:

  • The military is not just a job, it’s a lifestyle with its own expectations and rules. Hire a Realtor® who walks the talk.
  • Learn to bloom where you are planted. The right Realtor® can help you make any house your home.
  • The friends you make in the military aren’t just friends, they are the extended family that gets you through the tough times. A military-savvy Realtor® will be a new friend.
  • Civilians assume the military is rigid, but you know how flexible you actually have to be! Hire a Realtor® with the patience and knowledge to get you the best deal.
  • The U.S. military is one of the best-trained workforces in the world. You’re going to want a realtor who is as squared-away as you are.
  • In the face of any challenge, you stay strong and you stay focused. Hire a Realtor® who won’t give up until you’re happy.
  • If they’ve never lived the military life, they don’t really know it. Hire a Realtor® who has marched a mile in your boots.

Let Agents for Veterans help you when you need to sell due to PCS orders or to purchase a bigger home.  Our network of agents around the country and overseas specializes in helping active duty military families purchase homes using their VA home loan benefit with zero money down. You don’t want to trust your biggest investment to someone who is not an expert with VA home purchases because it could cost you time and money.